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6 Vermillion Crescent

J. Wallis Martin

Driver had retired at the rank of Detective Inspector. That was a good few years ago, and he ought to have become accustomed to the loss. That was how he saw it. Retirement was a loss. He missed the job, missed his colleagues, and missed his late wife, Mary. His daughter-in-law had nagged him, forced him in fact, to see the doctor, but instead of offering pills, he offered advice:
  “Ever thought of doing some voluntary work?”
  “Can’t say I have to be honest.”
  “Citizens Advice Bureau – crying out for people like you.” Give ‘em a call.”
  They’d welcomed him with open arms, a knowledge of the law being useful to people whose access to Legal Aid had been cut by successive governments, but on the whole, it was poverty and debt that brought most people through the door. Still, new role in life, new lease on life. He was himself in no time.

He expected life to be quieter from now on, but when a young woman walked into the CAB, he found himself investigating the murder of a girl who died in a house now owned by his closest friend…